Are you ready for the third dimension? Processing of 3D-structures is now easier than ever!

Laser Texturing

Dash board sample application
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Dash board sample application

Conventional laser technology primarily addresses 2D-structures, e.g. flat metal sheets, wood panels. However, 3D –objects are far more sophisticated than flat ones. Consisting of multiple uneven surface layers, processing of such objects is a difficult undertaking which involves precise operation and control of multiple axes and handling systems.

LASHARE has developed a way to level up, going from 2D to the third dimension.  Complex 3D-Strucutures are found in a variety of products, such as the interior of a car, household appliances, or consumer electronics. The main obstacle for traditional laser systems is the processing of large workpieces with 3D –shapes; conventional beams are unable to reach very complex and remote parts because of a limited operating range and small beam diameters that make precise positioning a very difficult task.

LASHARE overcomes this issue by offering a very flexible and precise laser tool. Contrary to conventional 2D- laser tools, our laser beam can circle around the object during the texturing process (the process of creating permanent marks by using a laser beam), enabling it to reach every possible location on the workpiece, and exceeding the working range of every 2D-System.

The challenge we are tackling in LASHARE is to control the combined motion of the beam delivery system and the workpiece with respect to distortion of the motifs and positioning tolerances, so that even complex surfaces can be processed continuously. This enhances the continuity and uniformity of textures and provides a perfect customer perception.

LAP3D - Laser processing system for stitching structured patterns on large 3D parts