What do cars, water filters, and toothbrushes have in common?

Laser Drilling

Model of the integrated drilling optics
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Model of the integrated drilling optics

Drilling is applied in the production process in a variety of consumer goods. In the automotive industry, for example, fuel injection nozzles are drilled with sophisticated laser drilling systems, so are the tiny holes in filters of water purification systems, and the injection molds for toothbrush heads.

During the laser-drilling-process holes are cut into solid material by applying a laser beam instead of a usual drill. The laser-based system developed by LASHARE is able to drill holes in the micron-range, which is a millionth of a meter or a thousandth of a millimeter.

The technical challenge is to improve construction of the rotating part of the optics for improving reproducibility and long term stability concurrent with simplifying the adjustment procedure. This requires a redesign of the rotating part of the optics and facilitating the handling by developing an easy-to-operate HMI (human-machine interface), which LASHARE is currently tackling in this assessment:

HELIDRILL - Helical laser drilling system for micro vents and conducts